TR 2016 Cyber Monday Deals

The TR 2016 menswear collection focuses on a selection of worn-in vintage washes on straight legged and flared jeans, alongside the new collection.

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TR 2016 Cyber Monday Deals,
True Religion Jeans Billy Petite - Lonestar Womens
True Religion Jeans Billy Petite - Lonestar Womens
Well, Fashion Week is finally fucking over. I was legit starting to think it would never end. There comes a point in the week where you look at your schedule and think, There are too many people designing clothes right now. But then you realize you get paid to look at fashion for a living and everything comes back down to earth a bit because #blessed. So, here we are, part III, the final installment of all the looks from NYFW and let me give you a little warning: THERE ARE SOME FUCKING BANGERS ON DECK. I purposely kept a few key looks saved for the end in a sort of save the best for last mindset. LMAO JK I just forgot about a ton of shit, dope or otherwise. Whatever. Strap yourself in and be thankful you won't have to deal with this for another five months. See you in July, fuccbois.